Chair Massage for Events

Zerenity Wellness has experience providing excellent chair massage services for events and office visits since 2007. Call, text or email us for a quote for your next event. We can tailor our services to your needs and we can provide as many licensed massage therapists as it takes to do the job! Our therapists are professional, skilled and licensed Idaho Massage Therapists. We bring the massage chairs, relaxation music & supplies needed, we just need a small space to set up in and we're ready to massage!

$65 hour + $20 Set Up


•Corporate Offices
•EMployee Appreciation
•Health fairs
•SPorting events


Calm the Mind, Heal The Spirit.

Why add Chair Massage to an Event or Workplace?

Attract Customers

On-site chair massage at promotional events, conferences, conventions, health fairs, seminars, ceremonies and more. Chair massage is an excellent way to attract attention to your company's booth or table. You can request that our massage therapists wear your company's shirts to advertise your logo.

Reward Stressed Employees

Reward stressed out employees in the workplace and increase productivity at the same time. All will enjoy this added bonus to their day! 

Have An Idea?

We’re available for any party or event! Have an idea? Call and run it by us and we'll be happy to help tailor our services to your needs!

Schedule an appointment by calling or texting (208) 996-8466 or email today to book Zerenity Wellness Chair Massage for your next event.